Date:March 12, 2012

Community Gallery

A house-like structure introduces community development. Look for the roofer on top of the structure. He will obviously never finish the roof, just as communities will never finish changing, evolving and growing. The various personalities who effect the development also change. At an oral history computer station in this area, visitors can listen to the stories of a teacher, logger, fisherman, geologist and local newspaper editor. On the back wall, a wide variety of family portraits are on display, all residents of the Gorge. Look above and view the old household items in Grandma’s Attic. Can you recognize an early vacuum cleaner or refrigerator?

The Japanese collection at the end of this gallery represents the many different cultures that have left an impact on the Gorge. The artifacts are from Nagano, Japan, donated by Iwo Kojima as a gesture of friendship. The Japanese were among other nationalities who provided the cheap labor force that built the roads, railroads and tunnels in the Gorge. They and their descendents have become successful orchardists, truck farmers and business owners.