Date:March 20, 2012

First Peoples – The Cascade Chinook

First Peoples focuses on the history of the original people to live in this area of the Gorge, the Cascade Chinook. The replicated image of “Tsagaglalal” dominates the single monolith in the center of the space. Exhibit cases display artifacts with text panels explaining their religion, traditions, living style and tools.

The Emory Strong Library is visible, showing his collection of early-man artifacts. Emory Strong spent most of his life researching early man in the Columbia River Basin. The exhibit is a restricted-use area, only accessible by appointment and for research. However, the majority of the artifacts are easily seen through large windows looking into a reproduction of Emory’s den. Items that can be seen inside include carved cedar totems, a shaman’s shield, Klickitat baskets, stone turtle bowl and stone tools, and an his library.