Date:March 17, 2012

Early Changes

The Doumitt Storefront depicts a typical dry goods store as it existed in Stevenson, WA, in 1907. Early Changes interprets the development of pioneer communities along the Columbia. The Doumitt Store represents a man who lived the American dream. C.S. Doumitt arrived in Stevenson penniless and developed a very successful business. The store windows display the types of items sold in his store during the heyday of logging and the arrival of the railroad, fishwheels and sternwheelers.

Military Presence

In the early 1850′s, three forts or blockhouses were located within a seven mile stretch along the north bank of the Columbia River in Skamania County. At first, the purpose was to keep the supply lines open between Fort Vancouver, Fort Walla Walla and Fort Dalles. When the Oregon Trail migration began, these structures were used as a safe haven for exhausted pioneers. Travelers on the trail used this water route, portaging around the Cascade Rapids, until the Barlow Trail was built. The history of these blockhouses is portrayed with military artifacts and handmade models.